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Summary of Everest expedition of the 7 Summits Club: photos by our members

22/05/2018 23:49

     In 2018, 100% of members and guides of the expedition of the 7 Summit Club successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest. It is 59 PAX: 26 mountain climbers, 20  members (19 Russians and 1 Polish),  6 Russian guides and 33 Sherpas. No one was injured or frostbite. ...

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Ivan Lukasevich. Himalayas the Russian way. Super-photos from trekking to the base camp of Everest (Nepal)

22/01/2018 12:04

 Trekking to Everest base camp – what could be simpler? Well, what is there to write? What are the secrets to open in the space, trampled by millions of feet? What unprecedented to put photos of the places where all views captured thousands of times? Yes, winter conditions make this route ...

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Photos from the expedition of Ojos del Salado January 2017

05/04/2017 23:55

The 7 Summits Club  organizes every year  climbing programs to the highest volcano of the planet Ojos del Salado. An expedition in January 2017 did not promise to become something out of the ordinary, but nevertheless, for its participants it was unexpectedly extreme. But at the same ...

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Photos from the climb of Mount Breithorn

04/12/2016 20:42

Climbing Breithorn in good weather - it is a pleasant walk along the snowy slopes with simple skills of climbing to an altitude of 4165 meters. At this time, the weather is promised no surprises, except pleasant. The sun was shining, there was no wind, the trail to the summit was carefully trodden ...

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Nadejda Usovich. Photos of expedition to Lenin Peak

25/08/2016 20:24

 Nadejda Usovich participated in the expedition to the Lenin peak in early August. The expedition did not achieve its main goal. Due to bad weather conditions the climbers returned home without the summit. Instead, they got a lot of impressions and experience of high-altitude climbing… ...

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Leh in the pictures of our guide Olga Rumiantseva

30/06/2016 23:07

  Leh was the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, now the Leh district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Leh district, with an area of 45,110 km2, is the second largest district in the country, after Kutch, Gujarat (in terms of area). The town is dominated by the ruined Leh ...

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Mera Peak 2016. Summit climb by Olga Rumiantseva

05/06/2016 21:40

  As agreed the previous evening, at two o'clock in the morning we were going to have breakfast and go on a long journey.  Slowly tossing in a sleeping bag, I tried to delay the moment of lifting the stern. But when he heard the talk and cheerful tinkle of gear members of the expedition, ...

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Tatiana Yalovchak Ukrainian summiter of Mount Everest

02/06/2016 16:39

Tatiana Yalovchak climbed Mount Everest in the team of the 7 Summits Club. She reached the summit with one of the symbols of Ukraine – an embroidered towel. "I am happy that I brought the rushnyk with me. Our symbol of strength, goodness, beauty and peace And a part of my soul with him. Hope ...

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Photos of Kilimanjaro climb from our guide Olga Rumiantseva

20/02/2016 12:06

  We want to note that during New Year period (mid Dec 2015 to mid January 2016) 9 groups with a total of 39 people climbed on Kilimanjaro with the "7 Summits Club". Group climbed from different sides of the volcano, by the route - Marangu, Machame, Lemosho with local Tanzanian and Russian ...

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Ziyabidin Gadzhimirzaev. EXPEDITION TO Ojos del Salado. RHOTOS

16/02/2016 10:06

Article in Russian ... As a result, I was not able to reach the top missing a couple of hundred meters.. I did everything I could, and even more. I resisted to the last, and climbed higher and higher. But, alas! In the end, leaving only the desire and the will, but no forces. I could not take a ...

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Igor Cherkashin. Climb Mount Giluwe

15/01/2016 12:14

Once we settled in the loggia, it started to rain. Rain went to the darkness and midnight. All around it was wrapped up in mist, so that come true what was promised by all our predecessors. They said that we will go in the sputum, in swamps, trembling dank. In the morning, it was announced earlier ...

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Alexander Klyuchahin. Climbing Mount Belukha. PHOTOS

22/12/2015 21:32

The morning we caught when we were still on the side of the mount of Belukha. So carefully, step by step we have four hours reached the crest of the mountain. The top was at hand, we need only one last spurt. The guys who went before, managed to fix the ropes, so it was already easier. Securing on ...

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Some photos from a trip to the Republic of Korea

28/11/2015 13:07

The spring - best time for travel to South Korea, at this time everything blossoms, the nature wakens, the feeling of a holiday is created. However, regardless of a season this remarkable country will leave nobody indifferent. You will see the surprising nature, ancient monuments (In South ...

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Olga Rumyantseva. Ararat 2015. A lot of pictures

21/11/2015 10:27

It was a very strange expedition. And all strangles were negative. Firstly, I would call it inhuman experiments on human beings. But as the people themselves consciously went for it, so the experiment itself is quite humane. The problem was - to ascend the mountain of the height of more than 5000 ...

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Press tour of 7 Summits Club Nepal has been a guest of Tashi Tenzing ..

14/11/2015 11:44

Tashi Tenzing, multiple climber of Mount Everest, the youngest son of Pem Pem, the eldest daughter of the great Tenzing Norgey. November 30th he will be 50 years old! The date worthy to tell the history of his life, continuing the great generation of Tenzing. "The famous GRANDPA of our hero was ...

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Best pictures from Kilimanjaro expedition

13/02/2015 21:52

Best pictures from Kilimanjaro expedition. A report from 7 Summits Club climber from 1-8th February expedition on Kilimanjaro:                                

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Zijabutin Gajimirzaev. THE JOURNEY TO MONT BLANC

17/09/2014 14:24

A Dagestan climber in the group of 7 Summits Club took part in the attempt to climb to the top of Mont Blanc. Guide - Denis Provalov. Due to inclement weather, the group did not reach the summit. However, all participants were grateful for an interesting journey.           ...

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Kilimanjaro pictures from Natalia and Igor Smirmovs

08/03/2014 16:25

  Members of thr 7 Summits Club Natalia and Igor Smirnov climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in november of 2013 by Machame route.                                  

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V. Simonovic.Ojos del Salado and Atacama, WONDERFUL PICTURES!!!

27/12/2013 15:00

Chile – it is an amazing country of 1000 volcanoes and thousands of lakes, glaciers and deserts... In Chile, there is 15 regions, all lovely and picturesque. Today I want to show you just one - Atacama ... Often travelers, who come to climb Ojos, in a hurry do not have time to see this beauty. ...

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Some pictures from Morocco trip. November 2013

23/11/2013 14:45


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