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Summary of Everest expedition of the 7 Summits Club: general statistics and our achievements

21/05/2018 18:24

 Alexander Abramov, expedition leader, President of the 7 Summits Club:    In 2018, 100% of members and guides of the expedition of the 7 Summit Club successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest. It is 59 PAX: 26 mountain climbers, 20  members (19 Russians and 1 Polish), ...

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All members of the expedition went down to the base camp! We can congratulate, and we congratulate!

20/05/2018 18:52

By the evening of today, the last three members of  third group of the 7 Summits Club  Dmitry Ermakov, Maxim Shakirov and Alexey Bakulin came down to the Base camp, to a height of 5200! Everybody together!  Our congratulations!  The team  is now celebrating, our leader Alex ...

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The third team of the 7 Summits Club reached the top of Everest! We wish them a successful descent!

19/05/2018 06:29

By 9: 30 Nepal time, all members and guides of third group of the 7 Summits Club reached the summit of Mount Everest! Now they are all on the descent, which can be followed online on trekkers of our three guides: Dmitry Ermakov, guide Andrey Mariev, guide Maxim ...

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SUMMIT! The second group of the 7 Summit Club successfully reached the summit of Everest. Now they are on descent

18/05/2018 09:21

Information according to the second group of the 7 Summit Club on Everest, at the moment, is as follows: all members and guides have reached the top and have already gone down to 8300. They are resting and will continue down to 6400.  List of climbers of the second group:  Vasily ...

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Photos of Alexander Abramov from our first group on Everest

17/05/2018 23:08

Alexander Abramov climbed to the top of Mount Everest in the 9th time. Congratulations! Our captain has long earned the right to be called "the legend of Everest". By the number of climbs and number of clients reached the top in his expeditions, Alex has no equal in Eastern Europe. And he is among ...

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Video from the top of Everest! We congratulate the First group of climbers on Everest! All are in camp ABC

17/05/2018 16:54

Breaking news from Everest: Alex Abramov's Group is in ABC camp. The second group (guides Kotlyar and Rostovtsev) at 3 pm had already reached 8300 . They are now resting before the assault, planned exit at 10 pm. Our third group (guides Ermakov, Mariev and Shakirov) has already come to 7850 ...

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Summit! The first group of the 7 Summits Club reached the summit of Everest. Now they go down

17/05/2018 05:31

From the message of Alexander Abramov: ... at 5.30 our first group climbed to the top! We have already started the descent and now we are at 8800m. We'll go to camp ABC at 6400. The sun rose and the weather is beautiful! Of the 11 high-altitude Sherpas of the team one did not reach the top … ...

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Russian drone over The North Col. Calm down! It's for a movie, that our second group are making!

16/05/2018 20:10

See below photos sent by Artem Rostovtsev from camp 3, from a height of 7850 meters!  Our Second group has climbed to the camp at an altitude of 7850 meters. At the same time they were shooting by professional cameras materials for the future film RD Studio. Including, they worked with a drone ...

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The first group is preparing to start on Everest attempt. Watch a trek at night!

16/05/2018 17:27

Alexander Abramov, leader of the Everest expedition of the 7 Summits Club from the assault camp:  "We're at 8300. At 11 pm in Nepal, we go on the ascent. There are only three groups here, about 60 people. We agreed on a starting time schedule. The weather is perfect. I think it's going to be ...

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Everything goes according to plan. Our groups climbed one camp higher and became closer to the top

15/05/2018 21:49

Alexander Abramov from the slopes of Everest: We came to the camp at 7900. We did it by 5 and a half hours from the Saddle (7000). Tomorrow we move on 8300 and in the night – SUMMIT BID! The weather is good…     Watch for the movement online – tomorrow, now all climbers ...

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Position our teams on Everest May 14th

14/05/2018 22:14

Today, Alexander Abramov called from the North Col of Everest. The first group under his leadership successfully and quickly climbed today from 6400 to 7000. In just 3.5 hours. They were forced to trail, as it snowed a lot. All members are well and cheerful. They send greetings to friends and ...

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Groups of the 7 Summits Club leave base camp for the summit of Everest. Video: start of the first group

13/05/2018 19:07

The first group of the expedition of the 7 Summits Club on Everest led by Alexander Abramov went out yesterday from the base camp  for a summit attempt. Today they spent a night in Middle camp at 5800 and then went on to ABC camp at 6400. A summit bid is scheduled for May 17th.     ...

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The decisive stage of the expedition begins, the whole team returns to the base camp from the rest areas below

11/05/2018 23:20

Alexander Abramov, head of Everest expedition of the 7 Summits Club: Acclimatization is complete! The team went down for a few days for rest in the town of Tashijong. A short vacation is over, now – just keep up! Our team of the 7 Summits Club has scheduled for summit bids for May 17-18-19th ...

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Summit! Our team successfully climbed the route "Nose" on El Capitan

10/05/2018 22:14

On May 8th Alexey Sivkov and Evgeny Lesnitsky, members of many of our travels, climbed the famous route Nose on El Capitan.  Two guides from the company 7 Summits Club helped them to make this achievement.    The ascent lasted for 3 days, including 2 nights on the wall (on the ...

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The second group of the expedition on Everest of the 7 Summits Club finished acclimatization and returns tomorrow to the base camp

07/05/2018 21:12

Alexander Abramov head of the expedition to Everest Internet is weak. Therefore, no pictures, only the text: There is Alexander Abramov from the ABC camp 6400m. The second group of the 7 Summits Club spent a night on the North Col of Everest (7000m) for the purpose of acclimatization. The night, of ...

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SUMMIT! Two groups of the 7 Summits Club stays on the top of Mera Peak

07/05/2018 16:48

Today, two groups of the 7 Summits Club  independently made a successful ascent on the Himalayan six-thousander Mera Peak. It was: a group Sasha-Polya-Inna, and also spouses Anna and Alexey Shpak.  In the pictures we see good weather, they were lucky, so they saw the legendary panorama ...

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Introducing Dima Tertychnyy - 17-year-old boy who goes to the records

06/05/2018 15:50

  Alexander Abramov, leader of the Everest expedition of 7 summits Club: I want to introduce Dima Tertychnyy -  a member of the 7 Summits Club expedition who in his 17 years already climbed 6 from 7 summits and now goes to Everest. He can become the youngest Russian and European to ...

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Medals for Elbrus. The first ever procedure of awarding! We congratulate the heroes and their guides!

06/05/2018 15:14

Lyudmila Korobeshko, guide and Director of The 7 Summits Club: Hi, best regards from Elbrus region! Today we held a solemn ceremony of awarding climbers on Elbrus by diplomas and medals. By the way, this is the first of this kind of medals that our Club gave climbers.  In total, we have ...

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The second group of 7 summits Club reached camp ABC, we must complete acclimatization before hurricane winds period begins

06/05/2018 14:34

Alexander Abramov, leader of the Everest expedition of the 7 Summits Club: A message from 5th of May. Today our second group has climbed to ABC camp at 6400m. The first group today climbed to the North Col 7000m. And the third group sleeps in Middle Camp at an altitude of 5800 m. Now very strong ...

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We help Brazilians to shoot a super film about Elbrus, especially for the opening ceremony of the World Cup

05/05/2018 18:21

Lyudmila Korobeshko from Elbrus region: Neymar himself, the captain of the Brazilian national football team, and the whole team signed this shirt. Our friend Pepe came to Elbrus today with a Brazilian film crew to shoot a film about climbing Elbrus specifically for the opening ceremony of the World ...

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