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Mountaineering School in Moscow

Excellent result! Photos from ice climbing in Tyrol

25/02/2018 10:20

Alexander, guide of 7 summits Club from Austria: We have completed our ice climbing training session in Tyrol. We climbed over large ice cascade near  the small Stillebach village.                                 ...

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A busy holiday on Tyrolean ice. Photos

24/02/2018 07:06

Alexander, a guide of The 7 Summits Club from Austria: Today, it was a day full of new knowledge, we tried a lot, worked out the basics of mountaineering, balay, climbing and descent on a fixed rope. After classes, we stormed several icicles in the Pitztal valley. Tomorrow we go to storm one of the ...

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The message from Maxim Foygel: Autumn Mountain school in the Alps has begun work, the first day.

23/10/2017 20:07

Maxim Foygel, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Cold and drizzly weather in the capital of mountaineering Chamonix has not inspired us to venture into the rocks. We quickly switched to Italy:) Oh, how wonderful is autumn Aosta! A complete contrast of France. On the rocks near the village of Arvier we ...

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Video of the lecture about Kilimanjaro. Speakers Anastasia Kuznetsova and Valery Lavrus

09/06/2017 22:20

June 8th the 7 Summits Club 7 held another lecture along the program of its Mountaineering School. This time the focus was on the highest peak in Africa, the legendary Kilimanjaro. Our small room was full and listened with great attention to our lecturers:  manager of our company Anastasia ...

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February opened by technical training - it was GREAT! PHOTO

02/02/2017 05:08

February 1th in the sports complex DDS  it was carried out regular technical training under the guidance of our "guru", the master of sports, the 7 Summits Club coach Alexander Lastochkin. Everything was great, just super! We all are waiting for the next technical training - February 8th! It ...

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Technical training of the Mountain School in Moscow, the benefit is obvious! PHOTO

26/01/2017 14:38

January, 25th  the first this year  technical Training Mountain School of the 7 Summits Club was held in the sports complex DDS under the guidance of coach, master of sports Alexander Lactochkin. The main direction of training - work with a rope, belay,  using fixed ropes. Next ...

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First the technical training in 2017 was held in the sports complex DDS

19/01/2017 15:19

The first in this year's technical training took place on January 18 at the sports complex DDS . Classes are held under the supervision of the 7 Summits Club coach, master of sports Alexander Lastochkin.   All climbers are well aware of the importance of good equipment, the right to use ...

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Впервые Клуб 7 Вершин провёл специальную  техническую тренировку

22/12/2016 14:42

Вчера, 21 декабря состоялась  первая техническая тренировка Клуба 7 Вершин в ДДС. Тренировка стала бесплатным подарком для любителей альпинизма. Была большая, дружная команда.  Все учились вязать узлы на скорость, познакомились с видами снаряжения, способами работы с ним. В новом 2017 ...

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Photo and video from a  training workout in the Rock City on 15 December. Join our Mountain  School!

16/12/2016 19:18

December 15th in the rock wall at Rock City next training session was held under the guidance of coach Egor Dulnev. Everything went perfectly. Join our mountain training school!    We are waiting for the next training session at Rock City!               ...

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Training of the Mountain School  of the 7 Summits Club at Rock City on 17 November. PHOTOS, as usual, excellent

18/11/2016 20:12

Galina Rossova: We had a great work out, we try new routes and new methods of technology. We remind you that everyone at every level (even if it is any one) we are happy to meet for Mondays in the DDS palace, on Thursdays - in the Rock City.                 ...

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Summit!!! Team Hot size made it!  Island Peak! Video from the top!

18/11/2016 19:13

Today, the group of 7 Summits Club, all members, under the leadership of our guide Vladimir Kotlyar climbed Island Peak – the famous Himalayan peaks. Well done! Watch the video clip directly from the top!      

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View cool photos from the first training mountain school in Skala City. Waiting at the next Thursday!

21/10/2016 12:33

On 20th  October at the climbing gym Skala (Rock) city for the first time there was training session of the Mountain school of the 7 Summits Club. Classes were held under the guidance of coach-instructor Egor Dulnev. Many thanks for the photos to  Roman Reutov, Everest summiter and ...

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Photos from the training of 7 summits Club on the climbing wall Big Wall on 12 October 2016

14/10/2016 12:25

This training session was not conducted in our common place (DDS) and climbing center the Big Wall. It's like to visit different mountains...  the reason for the unscheduled exercise was the visit to Moscow  our wonderful Crimean guide Natasha Kartashova. A great climber, she in a short ...

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The first training of the season with Alexander Lastochkin

11/10/2016 21:28

On October 10th  there was  the first training session of new season with coach Alexander Lastochkin. Now the trainings will take place every Monday. And every workout will bring something new. For students of the Mountain school every Monday becomes a special day . And this is due to the ...

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Photos from the training of 7 Summits Club on the climbing wall

23/03/2016 19:06

March 21, Monday, our next training session on the techniques of rock climbing was held in the gym in the DDS. Participants of our Mountain School are becoming more and more prepared for the upcoming climbing, both physically and psychologically. For all guests in training we prepared some ...

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Alexander Grebenyuk on the second day of mountain school:  we made traverse of Mount Beshtau

20/03/2016 03:01

Good afternoon! This is Alexander Grebenyuk, Mountain School of the 7 Summits Club on the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The second day of our program ends. First, we worked on a climbing technique at Eagle Rock, on the western spurs of the mountain. And then we passed traverse of the three peaks: Small ...

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Crimea opens climbing season. Report on the first day of classes of the Mountain school from Natasha Kartashova

05/03/2016 20:15

Hello to all from the hot Crimea! From hot March Crimea. We all did a good job today, climbing rocks with Alina and Vova. They remembered what a rock, what  is climbing technique. Today the weather was wonderful. We trained in the technique of the SPT in caving, we are preparing for a ...

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Photos of 7 Summits Club training session

16/02/2016 20:45

On Mondays we have a workout in the climbing gym in the DDS  Sport Center under the leadership of Alexander Lastochkin - the master of sports on mountaineering and experienced instructor. Regular exercise was fun and provocatively, marked Valentine's Day celebration, which continued to ...

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SUMMIT !!! The 7 Summits Club group climbed Mount Medovaya (Honey)

15/02/2016 00:33

Hello everybody! It is a Head of Mountain School  of the 7 Summits Club on the Caucasian Mineral Waters Alexander Grebenyuk. The group climbed to the top of the mountain Madovaya (honey). Further we were waiting for 200 meters of descent on the ropes. The average steepness was about  60 ...

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Alexander Grebenyuk: the first day of mountain school came to the end with an ascent on Mashuk

13/02/2016 00:24

  Alexander Grebenyuk:  The first day of work of Mountain school of the  7 Summits Club in the  Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region came to the end with ascent on Mashuk. Good weather, the interesting program, excellent mood promoted performance of objectives. We worked on elements ...

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