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Three groups of the 7 Summits Club start climbing Kilimanjaro

27/12/2017 18:55

Today Olga Samotoina and Roman Venediktov flew to Tanzania to join the team group and go on the Kilimanjaro by the route Lemosho. Same day here,  Anna and Alexey Shpak came to Moshi. They will climb the top together and on the Machame route. Team Tim Trip already visited coveted and secluded ...

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Summit! Orizaba from Catherine: pictures, emotions (admiration and regret) and evaluation

24/10/2016 13:28

Catherine made a successful ascent on Orizaba together with our guide Israel:  The summery – the climb up for 8.5 hours!!!! The descent is 3.5. Almost no other climbers here, that is  plus, of course, incredible. I'm on the glacier already looked at this beauty and I thought – ...

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SUMMIT !!! Group of Artem Rostovtsev successfully climbed highest volcano of North America!

08/04/2016 11:32

Hi, Seven Summits! It is Artem Rostovtsev, Mexico, the State of Puebla. This morning, till noon, we were at the top of the peak of Orizaba. We started at 2a.m., planned for 8 hours to reach the summit. But we have prevented by sudden cracks. So I inform all that Orizaba became cracked. The glacier ...

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Photos by Artem Rostovtsev from Guatemala

02/04/2016 18:47

Today, the first part of the travel of Artem Rostovtsev’s group to Central America ends. Goodbye, Guatemala! The country is somewhat struck by the abundance of mountains, natural beauty and exoticism of everyday urban life. Ahead - Mexico and climbing on snowy Orizaba Peak. Photos from the ...

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SUMMIT! Brief information and photos from Artem Rostovtsev

01/02/2016 16:52

A Group of 7 Summits Club with Artem Rostovtsev as a guide climbed the highest volcano of the World Mount Ojos del Salado. Now, participants “come to life”, rest and prepare for the return home.          

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SUMMIT! Alexander Apalko climbed Mount Orizaba

01/02/2016 10:44

On Friday, January 29,   Alexander Apalko climbed the top of the Peak Orizaba in Mexico. Congratulations! He was accompanied by our local guide Israel Breton. Yet another participant, Andrey Parshin has reached a height of 5300 m. It was the harsh weather conditions, and the most ...

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SUMMIT! Alexander Apalko and Andrey Parshin successfully climbed La Malinche Volcano

28/01/2016 21:58

 Our men in Mexico, Alex and Andrey, yesterday 27 January climbed the  mount of La Malinche, 4460 m. This is the climb for acclimatization to the main goal of expedition - Orizaba. We started climbing at 8 am and at 12 were already at the top. Good weather, but strong winds were ...

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Igor Cherkashin. Climb Mount Giluwe

15/01/2016 12:14

Once we settled in the loggia, it started to rain. Rain went to the darkness and midnight. All around it was wrapped up in mist, so that come true what was promised by all our predecessors. They said that we will go in the sputum, in swamps, trembling dank. In the morning, it was announced earlier ...

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Message of Olga Rumyantsev from Papua New Guinea: the group successfully reached the summit of Giluwe and came down ..

08/01/2016 11:11

  Post illegible, in the finale, you can make out the following: We waded through swamps, across the marshes. Finally, we got the highest volcano in Australia and Oceania - Giluwe ... Now the team is down in the hotel: washed, resting ... the next two days we will get acquainted with the local ...

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Expedition of the 7 Summits Club on Mount Giluwe started by long flights

04/01/2016 21:15

Australia's highest volcano, located on the island of New Guinea, in the territory of Papua New Guinea - is the object of a new expedition 7 Summits Club. Our guide Olga Rumyantseva lead a group consisting of proven fighters, experienced travellers. The first stage - a very difficult, because it ...

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VLADIMIR KOTLYAR: Got finally to the Internet. I think I can make a brief report on the last three days

23/12/2015 16:38

All turned out as always spontaneously. We just took a bus in Mendoza and went to Copiapo. Just to kill time, since before the plane there was five days. In Copiapo, we hired a pickup and decided to try to go to Ojos. Ojos del Salado - is the highest volcano in South America and the world. So we ...

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V. Simonovic.Ojos del Salado and Atacama, WONDERFUL PICTURES!!!

27/12/2013 15:00

Chile – it is an amazing country of 1000 volcanoes and thousands of lakes, glaciers and deserts... In Chile, there is 15 regions, all lovely and picturesque. Today I want to show you just one - Atacama ... Often travelers, who come to climb Ojos, in a hurry do not have time to see this beauty. ...

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Orizaba: Some impressions of V. Simonovich with NICE pictures

26/12/2013 08:57

  I was with Israel Breton, who of his 37 years he goes to Orizaba 18 years .. What can I say .. For most physically fit people the ascent under such leadership will not be difficult .. We did 4.5 hours to the top and with the first rays of the sun, I took out the camera. Do not miss this ...

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Another two Russians limbers completed the program Seven Volcanoes!

24/12/2013 14:50

In December of this year, two of our climber of 7 Summits Club completed the program Seven Volcanoes. First is Olga Rumyantseva successfully finished a unique program "Seven volcanoes " for one year and alone (solo). Thanks to Kaspersky! And so, we got a message that Vitaly Simonovic climbed theOjos ...

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Vitaly Simonovich on the top of Mount Orizaba

06/12/2013 18:22

Vitaly sent a massage direct from the summit of Orizaba    

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Vitaly Simonovich went for completing the program Seven Volcanoes

04/12/2013 06:51

December 1 Vitaly flew to Mexico, where the goal of his ascent will be the highest volcano in North America -Mount Orizaba. If everything will be normal, immediately after the descent, he crashes in Chile, where is his final object of Seven Volcanoes. This is the highest of all the volcanoes in the ...

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ITAR-TASS to declare about the seven volcanoes program

08/12/2012 09:48

December 11 (Tuesday) at 14:00 in the ITAR-TASS /Tverskoy Boulevard, 2, 2nd Floor / will be a press conference on the topic "The Russians on the highest peaks of the continents." Recently, the popularity of the "7 Volcanoes" is growing. We are talking about the conquest of the highest volcanoes all ...

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Slava Adrov - the first Russian on the top of volcano Giluwe

10/11/2012 12:33

Yesterday at 11 am (local time), Vyacheslav (Slava) Adrov climbed the top of Mount Giluwe (4368 meters). It is the highest volcano of the continent of Australia, located on the territory of Papua-New Guinea. A local guide, the Papuan Ryuk Raima accompanied Slava’s climbing. Thus, Adrov have ...

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