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Artem Rostovtsev celebrates his birthday at the South Pole. And on Union Glacier, our group is waiting for the plane

09/01/2019 13:29

Hello!  It is Alexander Abramov from Antarctica. Today we have several significant events. It's January 9th. First, I want to congratulate Artem Rostovtsev on his next birthday! Secondly, today our team, which has already reached  South Pole and  climbed Mount  Vinson, must fly ...

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The 7 Summits Club wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Hurray!

25/12/2018 02:19

In the last mailing of this year we want to wish you a lot of joy, good health, love and understanding, creative success and good earnings in the coming year!  And, of course, the most incredible adventures and travel, which you have long dreamed of! The 7 Summits Club has a mission to turn ...

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The 7 Summits Club congratulates Nikolai Cherny on the anniversary!

05/12/2018 12:33

5th of December Nikolai Cherny marks 80 years!  The 7 Summits Club congratulates him as a close friend, guide and member of our expeditions. Thank you for your participation in our formation, for your kindness, for the wisdom that we are trying to learn from you!  We wish You health and ...

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The awarding by the honored sign has begun! Vasily Shakhnovsky received it at an altitude of 8848 meters (approximately)

29/11/2018 08:41

All  Everest summiters and all friends of the 7 Summits Club are once again invited to the Gala evening of the Russian mountaineering Federation on December 1. Gathering of participants from 17: 00, beginning at 18: 00. There, in particular,  it will be awarded  ceremony  of ...

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We congratulate our friends on the successful completion of the "Seven Summits" program!

12/11/2018 22:42

 In the photos we see how the guide of the 7 Summits Club  Artem Rostovtsev awards  participants of successful ascent on  Carstensz Pyramid  with honorary medals. Among them there are two of our regular participants of travel, who grew up before our eyes in serious climbers ...

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Happy birthday to you! Artem Rostovtsev is forty!

09/01/2018 22:06

Alexander Abramov from Punta Arenas: Today is the birthday of Artem Rostovtsev. He now arrives from Antarctica to Punta Arenas. Let's congratulate him! He is 40 years old!!! Today Punta Arenas will shudder!!             Artem Rostovtsev deserve a special place in the ...

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The 7 Summits Club congratulates on the first ascent, climbing a cool route and a championship title!

24/11/2017 22:53

Congratulations to coach and guide of our Club Alexey Lonchinsky with a victory in the championship of Russia on mountaineering and a great climb! We also congratulate his teammate Yuri Koshelenko with the same! Yuri also worked as a guide for our programs. We are proud of our friendship and ...

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Ivan Dusharin 70 years! The 7 Summits Club congratulates hero of the day!

01/11/2017 13:06

The 7 Summits Club congratulates Ivan Dusharin happy anniversary! We wish our friend, companion on the mountain travel, teacher and example in life, a new sports and creative achievements, good health and joy! We hope of new joint projects and meetings in the mountains and on the plain!   ...

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The team of 7 summits Club have coped with their task starts Crimea X Run trail

15/10/2017 11:06

Members of our Club started in all kinds of programs and all reached the finish line. In fact, they coped with the task. Especially it should be noted Olga Rumyantseva and Christine Putintseva that ran the full program, having the entire four-day marathon - officially it was called a 4-day stage ...

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The 7 summits club congratulated Igor Pokhvalin anniversary 60 years!!!

13/10/2017 00:08

The President of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov personally congratulated Igor Pokhvalin 60th birthday directly to his house in Simferopol. Igor is a great person, guide, doctor and member of the expeditions 7 Summits Club. He is a doctor, surgeon, writer and poet, historian and geographer, ...

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Luda Korobeshko and Alex Abramov dedicated the first ascent in the Alps to the anniversary of Alexander Yelkov

07/07/2017 07:36

Today, Luda Korobeshko and Alex Abramov with friends made the first Russian climb Cime du Gelas– the highest peak in the French Maritime Alps. The ascent lasted 12 hours and was devoted to our friend Sasha Yelkov which is exactly 60 years old today!             ...

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Once again we congratulate our friend, the new conqueror of the seven summits - Alexei Bautin!

30/06/2017 16:56

Climbing the highest mountain in North America Denali, Alexei Bautin completed the "Seven summits". We once again congratulations and we will congratulate at the next meeting in person! Almost all of these climbing Alex made in groups of the 7 summits Club. We believe him one of our most devoted ...

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SUMMIT!!! After today's climb on Everest Janusz Kochanski became the world record holder

20/05/2017 19:11

Alexander Abramov, leader of the expedition, from the camp 7800.  Today at 7500, we met Janusz Kochanski, our member from Poland, which is already the second time takes part in our expeditions on Everest. We let him go ahead of our group to make a world record. And he did it. After today's ...

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The 7 Summits Club wish you Happy New Year !!! Always be at the height!

31/12/2016 12:01

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! Happiness, luck, health to you and your loved ones !!!    In the year of the Fire Rooster, we recommend going to the mountains! These birds always like to climb to the highest point, that is, on every continent on the Seven Summits! Roosters are punctual, they are ...

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We congratulate all of our friends with the International Mountain Day!

10/12/2016 21:52

By decision of the UN General Assembly on December 11th  every year is celebrated as the International Mountain Day, to draw attention to mountain regions in the world, to their potential and challenges on the path to sustainable development.   The 7 Summits Club congratulates all fans of ...

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Golden Ice Axe of Russia - 2016 and a celebration of new summiters of Everest

04/12/2016 20:04

On Saturday, December 3  a solemn evening of the Federation of Mountaineering of Russia (FMR) took place in the center of Moscow in the Telegraph hall. The action is devoted to summing up year and delivery of awards to the caused a stir athletes. The awarding the prize "Gold Ice Axe of Russia" ...

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Today Vasily Kernicky turns 60 years old! The 7 Summits Club congratulates him!

05/10/2016 06:40

Today is the anniversary of the Vasily Kernicky, Muscovite, climbers on Everest, Cho-Oyu, our 7thousanders peaks. The 7 Summits Club congratulates him with a birthday and wishes strong health, happiness, luck and new achievements! We hope to meet the 13th October at a gala evening in our office! ...

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We congratulate our leader, the world record holder and simply beautiful!

01/08/2016 18:29

 The 7 Summits Club celebrates Birthday of Lyudmila Korobeshko. The entire staff, who in Moscow, who in the mountains, together and in unison said: CONGRATULATIONS! Luda - you are our pride, clever and beautiful, sport athlete and hostess. Continue to be happy and help others find happiness! ...

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Photos from the party of the 7 Summits Club in St. Petersburg, dedicated to the heroes of Everest-2016

26/06/2016 06:37

June 24th a meeting was held in our friendly bar-restaurant Discovery in St. Petersburg. Team of climbers was presented  by Alexander Abramov, Lyudmila Korobeshko, Irena Kharazova, Igor Demyanenko, Reutov Roman  and Vlad Moroz as the host.   Fully See all photos in our photo gallery ...

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The 7 Summits Club: We congratulate Igor Demyanenko with the completion of the "Seven Summits" program!

25/05/2016 11:15

  May 20th , Igor reached the summit of Everest. This is the best way to complete the epic of ascents on the highest peaks of all continents.  And great when there is your spouse next to you. By the way, we congratulate her. Not only to the achievement of her husband. Jamila Murtazina on ...

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