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Aconcagua 2016-2017

Season on Aconcagua completed, our guides dried tents ...

24/02/2017 19:31

For our tandem "Sturdy and Powerful" (Sergej Larin and Vladimir Kotlyar) – today is a great day of drying. We're getting ready to leave home. But first, we need to prepare equipment to preserve it for a year in Mendoza.        

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SUMMIT! TWO SUMMITS !!! Two groups of the 7 Summits Club defeated the upcoming autumn and reached the summit of Aconcagua. Our congratulations!

21/02/2017 23:10

Our two groups: large - under the leadership of Vladimir Kotlyar and small - under the direction of Sergei Larin successfully reached the summit of Aconcagua and descended safely to base camp Plaza le Mulas. Our congratulations! Climbing has been made ahead of schedule, due to the completely of the ...

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News from Aconcagua: our group went on an acclimatization trip... Today to the Plaza Canada...

17/02/2017 08:07

  During stay and preparation in the camp Plaza de Mulas, our climbers from groups with guides Vladimir Kotlyar and Sergei Larin walked to the glacier. And, of course, they looked for a visit to the artist Miguel, in his unique picture gallery at 4200. After that,  groups went up to the ...

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Two teams of 7 summits Club have reached the base camp Plaza de Mulas. PHOTO

15/02/2017 11:16

Two of our team, working strictly according to the plan, went up to the camp Plaza de Mulas at 4,200 meters. Vladimir Kotlyar and Sergei Larin are working in the role of guides from the 7 summits Club. Both groups successfully completed the cycle of acclimatization at camp Confluencia, went under ...

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Two new groups on Aconcagua will work independently, but they will cooperate

11/02/2017 13:34

Vladimir Kotlyar: The team named as "The tactic of trump ten" came and met in Mendoza. We are ready for adventure!      The permits are obtained, we go to a rental for crampons.      A group named "Tartar and Larin" also begins an expedition.       ...

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Some details of the climb on Aconcagua from Sergey Larin. PHOTOS

08/02/2017 06:29

  Sergey Larin, a guide of the 7 Summis Club:   The climb was difficult. We were waiting for weather for four days. Then the one-day window has appeared, but it was necessary to begin (the first two days) in difficult weather conditions. In the first day porters refused to start. But as a ...

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SUMMIT! Sergey Larin's team coped with the mission. There is the highest point of all America! We congratulate!

07/02/2017 12:15

Sergey Larin: …. We climbed on top of Aconcagua …. went down to the Cholera camp. We all are fine. Detailed information - from Plas de Mulas. See you! Sergey Larin.    Page of Facebook of Vasily Shakhnovsky    Weather also created great difficulties. Strong wind ...

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Sergey Larin and his team went to the summit bid on Aconcagua

04/02/2017 23:58

In recent days, the storm was raging on the slopes of the highest mountain in South America,  rare  for local conditions. Now the weather forecast give a chance, and we have no time for waiting. Our team under the leadership of Sergey Larin enters  for the decisive attempt to climb ...

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A team led by Sergey Larin completed acclimatization and will wait for a weather window

30/01/2017 23:15

Sergey Larin, a guide 7 Summits Club:  Our team successfully completed the acclimatization, spending a night on the Plaza Canada 5000 m and  a night on Nido de Condores - 5500m. It should be noted that acclimatization was carried out strictly according to the program approved by the ...

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Summit! All members of the Leaders Group reached the summit of Aconcagua!

28/01/2017 22:36

Olga Rumyantseva, the 7 Summits Club guide: yesterday our group (all members and guides) climbed the summit of Mount Aconcagua. A total of 10 persons has reached  the top. The group led by Ivan Dusharin, our guides Olga Rumyantseva, Valery Myasoedov and Vladimir Kotlyar has already descended ...

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The third group of 7 Summits Club on Aconcagua successfully rises to the Plaza de Mulas camp. PHOTO

26/01/2017 21:03

Hi, Seven Summits! Take the information from the Aconcagua! The team called "Bad, good, evil" successfully conducted acclimatization in the camp Confluencia and at the moment, today, on January 26, makes a climb to the base camp Plaza de Mulas. The weather favors. Mood and feeling of the  team ...

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Team of Olga Rumyantseva climbed to the camp Nido de Condores, the day after a summit bid

26/01/2017 10:28

Hello! This is a guide of the 7 Summits Club Olga Rumyantseva from Argentina, Aconcagua expedition. After acclimatization and two days of rest in Plaza de Mulas, we have climbed to the Nido de Condores at 5400. And we were well, came quickly. All people fill well .... favorable condition ... ...

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Group of Olga Rumyantseva successfully acclimate on the slopes of Aconcagua, all according to plan, including wind

23/01/2017 10:43

Hello! This is Olga Rumyantseva, expedition guide on Aconcagua. We are here for the second day of successfully doing acclimatization. Yesterday we went to Canada camp and spent the night. Today we went to Nido de Condores camp. The state of health of all the participants is good. The wind is strong ...

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Latest photos from Aconcagua. Group of the Leaders club - in the glacier

20/01/2017 21:11

Group of the Leaders club under the guidance of Olga Rumyantseva made the first acclimatization outing  from the camp of Plaza de Mulas ...     From Ludmila Korobeshko:   We conducted a group of leaders headed by Ivan Dusharin and Olga Rumyantseva on Aconcagua, and we run ...

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Olga Rumyantsevas team climbed to the base camp for expeditions on Aconcagua - Plaza de Mulas

20/01/2017 08:06

 Today, our team made a hard way to Plaza de Mulas. There we unexpectedly met Alexander Abramov and Luda Korobeshko. Tomorrow we will rest and prepare for climbing up to camps at 4900 and 5300 for acclimatization.                  

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Expedition to the Aconcagua: the group has passed a medical examination in the camp Confluenzia and moves on

19/01/2017 10:16

Hello! This is Olga Rumyantseva from the expedition to Aconcagua. Yesterday we came to the Confluenzia camp and today took a walk in a beautiful valley, to the very beautiful South Face of Aconcagua. Also, we are successfully (miraculously)  passed a medical examination. And we were permitted. ...

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Recent news from Argentina: the captain's birthday; team of leaders started

17/01/2017 05:34

The birthday of Alexander Abramov we began to celebrate in the camp Confluencia...       Continued on our way…       Finished in Plaza de Mulas...             Olga Rumyantseva from Argentina. Permits for the second group ...

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The second group of 7 summits Club on Aconcagua arrived in Mendoza

16/01/2017 07:09

Olga Rumyantseva, guide of 7 summits Club: Today, all the participants of the second expedition of the 7 Summits Club on Aconcagua gathered in Mendoza. Exploration of  this remarkable region began, as expected, with meat and Malbec. Unfortunately, tomorrow we will leave this wonderful city and ...

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Summit! Sergey Larin from Argentina: flag of 7 summits Club on Aconcagua!

16/01/2017 05:59

 Hello! Flag of the 7 Summits Club on the highest point of South America! It was placed on the 14th of January. Unfortunately, not all parties  managed to climb to the top. But the program is not finished. Now Kristina is guided by Valery located at Nido de Condores. Their ascent is ...

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Our guide Sergey Larin on the progress of acclimatization expedition to the Aconcagua

14/01/2017 06:01

Hello, Seven Summits! Take an information about the first group on Aconcagua. We spent, our group, for two nights on the Nest of the Condor. There was  any condors, of course,  we have not seen it, and today have climbed the camp Colera, an altitude of 6 thousand meters. As practice ...

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