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Mexica 2017

Anastasia Kuznetsova: Greetings from Mexico! We celebrated the New Year on La Malinche!

01/01/2018 10:49

Nastya Kuznetsova, guide of the 7 Summits Club: New year's Mexican. Today we celebrated the New year several times along every Russian town at different heights of the mountain La Malinche (4500 m) where we went for the acclimatization before Orizaba. Independently from each other, all agreed on ...

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Igor and Natalia Smirnov continued the campaign in cold Mexico after trying to climb Orizaba

11/12/2017 14:44

Hello to all from sunny Mexico! Sunny, but very cold. We planned to climb Mount   Orizaba, contrary to all the recommendations and poor forecast. At an altitude of over 5000 meters, the wind was so strong that it did not allow us to stand at full height. In addition, the state of the route was ...

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Summit! Igor and Natalia Smirnov climbed to the top of volcano La Malinca

07/12/2017 11:16

Natalia Smirnova: Today we had an important day - climbing the mount of La Malinche 4,450 m, our first acclimatization exit. La Malinche like all the mountains in the vicinity of Orizaba is a former volcano. During the last eruption, many years ago, its crater collapsed and you can see only a part ...

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SUMMIT! New Year in Mexico, there is the first ascent!

04/01/2017 12:56

  Member of our New Year's expedition to Orizaba Renat Ahmedshin uploaded three photos from the first part of his journey. He had already made a successful acclimatization climb to La Malinche and is now preparing for the ascent to Orizaba. His companion in the Mexican top - our constant ...

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