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Ecuador 2017

The first mountain met our group with thunderstorms and rain

01/01/2018 17:52

Lyudmila Korobeshko, a Guide and Director of the 7 Summits Club: News from Ecuador. On the last day of the year, our Ecuadorian team got its name - Stunning SuperCuy.  And this day we celebrated by climbing of Rucu Pichincha 4700. To a height of 4000  was reached by 20 people, including ...

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Our group met in Quito and began intensively to get acquainted with Ecuador

31/12/2017 11:20

Lyudmila Korobeshko, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: Today Dec 30th, the rest of our group,  12 people came to Quito. Now we are all together. Even the luggage, no one item got lost. The people came to be surprisingly cheerful. All immediately demanded bread and circuses. So I had to go for a ...

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SUMMIT! Lyudmila Korobeshko and Edgar Parra opened a new mountain for the 7 Summits Club

29/12/2017 23:28

Hello from Ecuador! In anticipation of the arrival of the group, I went with Edgar to the volcano Antisana (the fourth highest volcano in Ecuador, 5758). Route impressed, we may include it in our new program for Ecuador. Yesterday December 28th, the first “two swallows” of the group ...

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SUMMIT! Photos from the successful ascent of the volcano Cayambe

11/12/2017 18:41

News from Galina Rossova from Ecuador: we climbed to the top of Mount Cayambe (5790m) - this is the highest volcano, located on the equator! Edgar Parra with the group of the 7   Summits Club   made yesterday a successful climb. We congratulate them !!!   Now the group continues ...

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Summit! Flags of Russia and USA at the highest point of the Mount Ilinica Norte

08/12/2017 19:18

On December 6th, our group made an ascent to Mount Ilinica Norte. For most members, this was the first experience of such climb. But they really liked it. Ahead of the team - a small holiday at the spa resort and the main peak of the expedition - Cayambe.             ...

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A short film by Eugene Lesnitsky about an expedition to Ecuador

29/07/2017 22:48

In April 2017 a small group of 7 summits Club under the guidance of Olga Rumyantseva traveled to Ecuador. The goal was, of course, volcanoes. But also important was the acquaintance with the original lifestyle of Equatorial countries, that President named Lenin. Weather conditions did not allow the ...

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Olga Rumyantseva about the attempt of her group's ascent to Chimborazo and the benefits of early descent

02/04/2017 10:12

Olga Rumyantseva, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Hello, everyone! Our group attempted to climb Chimborazo tonight. Unfortunately, the continuous snowfalls last weeks left us no chance. It is very avalanche risky. There were a few small avalanches, next to the route, and a lot of snow, which is still ...

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Artem Rostovtsev from Ecuador: a great trip across the country instead of climbing. PHOTOS and ONE VIDEO

01/04/2017 23:11

Hello, still from Ecuador! Our journey has come to an end. Unfortunately, we could not climb Chimborazo. We were very confused by the amount of snow already fallen and still falling. The volcano has not seen such an abundance of precipitation 11 years.  We, having gone down, have had a rest in ...

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Olga Rumyantseva from Ecuador: the group rested in the resort of Baños, ahead - Chimborazo!

30/03/2017 22:06

Olga Rumyantseva, Guide of the 7  Summits Club: Yesterday our group spent a whole day in the town of Banos, resting and gaining strength before a new climb. Someone went fishing, someone - on waterfalls. Today we leave for Chimborazo ...      

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Summit. Olga Rumiantseva's group climbed to the top of Ilinica Norte. PHOTO

29/03/2017 06:26

Today our group, all participants and  guide, made an ascent to our second volcano - Ilinica Norte ...          

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Group of Artem Rostovtsev acclimatized already on the slopes of Chimborazo. PHOTO

28/03/2017 17:07

Artem Rostovtsev,  a guide of the 7 Summits Club: Hello everyone! The group "Ecuador avant-garde", after climbing the rocks under the snow and rain, slightly adjusted the plans. Yesterday we moved to the shelter at Chimborazo with two goals. We wanted to spend the night high, and therefore ...

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Photos of Olga Rumyantseva from the ascent on Ruka Pichinchu

28/03/2017 05:34

Today, all the members of our group, in the conditions of total fog and approaching thunderstorm, climbed onto the volcano Ruku Pichincha. We did not find snow there. Apparently, Artem's group carried it all away ...            

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Artem Rostovtsev on the ascent of the group and on Ruka Pichinchu and a meeting with colleagues

27/03/2017 23:50

Hello, Seven Summits! Yesterday we went to the home volcano of the capital of Ecuador, Ruku Pichincha. Thus, we took the first step towards the main goal of the trip - the volcano Chimborazo. Precipitation here is already the second month of regular, we were spared only on the rise up. At the top ...

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Olga Rumyantseva from the capital of Ecuador: our group met in Quito

27/03/2017 12:21

Olga Rumyantseva: Our group today finally met in Quito. Tomorrow we set out on the tracks of the Artem Rostovtsev group. And today - acquaintance with the city and each other ...              

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Group of Artem Rostovtsev made their first climb in Ecuador - on Rucu Pichinchu

27/03/2017 11:27

Photos from Artem Rostovtsev. Today the group, led by the guide of the 7 Summits Club Artem Rostovtsev, performed a heroic ascent to Ruka Pichinchu. The ascent took place in severe weather conditions. Details will be later from Artem himself ...          

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