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Nepal 2018

SUMMIT! Two groups of the 7 Summits Club stays on the top of Mera Peak

07/05/2018 16:48

Today, two groups of the 7 Summits Club  independently made a successful ascent on the Himalayan six-thousander Mera Peak. It was: a group Sasha-Polya-Inna, and also spouses Anna and Alexey Shpak.  In the pictures we see good weather, they were lucky, so they saw the legendary panorama ...

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SUMMIT! Photos of Anna Rybakova from climbing Lobuche East

05/05/2018 14:56

I did it!  I climbed Lobuche East! Wow… such a mountain!  The average steepness of the snow slope is about 35-45 degrees, and sometimes reaches 50. The way up took 4 hours 45 min., descent to the camp 2 hours. And return to the village Lobuche seemed never-ending and never ...

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Anna and Alexey Shpak climbed Kala Patthar and descended to Lobuche via Everest base camp

28/04/2018 20:58

Anna and Alexey Shpak from Nepal: Today we started from Lobuche Village and went to Kala Patthar. We came down from the top to the base camp of Mount Everest. And then we went back to Lobuche almost  for dinner time. We had a long day: work up 20 horizontal km above Lobuche.     ...

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Natalia and Igor Smirnovs successfully completed the trekking route in the area of Dhaulagiri by climbing the peak of Dampus

27/04/2018 20:17

Natalia and Igor Smirnovs from Nepal: Yesterday, April 26, we successfully climbed Dump peak 6015. Here it is also called Tapa Peak. We would not call this  mountain a trekking peak. It was rather hard  with the use of crampons, ropes and harnesses. At some point, we regretted not taking ...

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A new group of trekkers went on the route. The weather is favorable. PHOTOS

23/04/2018 09:11

Alexander Dorozhukov, guide of the 7 Summits Club from Nepal: A new group for Everest Base Camp, 14 men, flew to Lukla and started moving along the route. The weather is beautiful, the participants love all nature around the trail. Guides: Valeriy Myasoedov and Alexander Dorozhukov…   ...

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Photos from Kala Patthar, group rewarded for perseverance

16/04/2018 13:50

Hello from Nepal! We climbed Kala Patthar and saw a stunning panorama of the Himalayas! The weather in the morning caused some confusion, starless sky and poor visibility. But we decided - let's go! An hour later, the cloud began to settle, and all opened! This is a must see!... We were on Kala ...

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Valery Myasoedov's group reached the base camp of Everest. Kala Pattar is left for tomorrow. PHOTOS

15/04/2018 22:05

Valeriy Myasoedov, guide of the 7 Summits Club from Nepal:  Hello from Nepal! The group's Harmless Newcomers program is coming to the equator, tomorrow early we will climb Kala Patar.  The forecast is good, it should be clear, and we hope we will be able to get the best views of Everest ...

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The first season trek to the foot of Everest has begun

08/04/2018 20:05

Guide of the 7 Summits Club Valery Myasoedov:  Namaste from Kathmandu!  The first group trekking to Everest BC is here. Someone had almost the whole day to enjoy the exotic squares and palaces of the capital and the drilling of the Thamel, someone arrived literally on the flag...  ...

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The trekking group has returned after a visit to the Everest base camp

09/01/2018 11:49

New year group of the 7 Summits Club successfully reached the Base camp of Everest and goes back. Now the team is  in Namche Bazar.    

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A team of trekking Everest stopped for the day in the capital of Sherpas. PHOTOS

02/01/2018 19:35

New year trek to Everest base camp. Acclimatization in Namche Bazaar goes well, the weather is gorgeous!                

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