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New project of the 7 Summits Club. "7 Summits s in 7 months with Alexander Abramov". Join the record of Russia!

25/12/2018 20:23

The President of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov announced plans to establish a new record of speed of climbing all of the "Seven summits".  That is, he intends to climb all the highest peaks of the continents in a total of about six months.  But since the ascent will be carried out ...

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Alexander Abramov about a trip of the delegation of the 7 Summits Club in Oslo

07/12/2018 23:12

Alexander Abramov and Artem Rostovtsev today made an unforgettable trip to Oslo in preparation for the expedition to Antarctica. Besides the fact that we bought skis and boots for skiing in Antarctica to the South Pole, we also visited several unique museums. This is the Museum of Kon-Tiki and Ra ...

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List of Seven Summits Climbers from Russia

30/11/2018 17:12

The 7 Summits Club  plans to reward climbers on the "Seven Summits", that is, the highest peaks of all continents, a special sign of honor. What will be the order of awarding, we will inform later. Now we offer you to look at the list of summiters from Russia plus those of whom we consider ...

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The 7 Summits Club took part in organizing the exhibition of mountain paintings by Vasily Nesterenko

25/11/2018 14:01

On November 24, the leaders of the 7 Summits Club 7 Peaks Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko visited the opening of the exhibition of painting Vasily Nesterenko. It was a pleasure to meet legendary veterans of the national mountaineering Vladimir Shataev, Boris Korshunov, Yuri Tinin, our old ...

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October 26, 2018 - The Birthday Of The 7 Summits Club! We invite all!

26/10/2018 06:45

Meeting place: Moscow, Electrolyte PR. 7 / 2.  Ski resort Kant. Chalet Restaurant. 5 minutes from the metro Nagornaya.   On Friday, October 26th we celebrate the Birthday of the 7 Summits Club!    You will find: an exciting program, live music and awarding the winners of the ...

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Congratulations to our guides on the successful ompletion of the school of mountaineering instructors in Bezengi!

25/09/2018 22:01

Andrey Berezin, guide of the 7 Summits Club: the school of mountaineering instructors in Bezengi camp is completed.  All cadets of the school received a certificate of graduation, and now it remains to obtain a certificate of mountaineering instructor to undergo training of initial  ...

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For those who want to make history themselves! Unique project. Autumn doublet: Everest + Lhotse in a single expedition

16/04/2018 19:52

We are pleased to announce that this fall the 7 Summits Club  will organize a unique expedition "Two in one": Everest and Lhotze for one trip. Alexander Abramov held talks with the Nepalese authorities and received "good" from them.  Our Sherpa team is ready to hang fixed ropes through ...

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Mount Kenya. Photos and videos from Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko

21/02/2018 13:31

Group  of the 7 Summits Club - Alexander Abramov, Maxim Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko climbed the most popular of the peaks of Mount Kenya, Point Lenana (4985 m). After our management was convinced of the good quality of service provided by the local staff,  they visited  one of ...

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Valery Rozov is killed... Tragedy occurred on Mount Ama Dablam...

12/11/2017 06:57

  We think of Valery, remember and mourn! We had the good fortune to work and be friends with this star person. Valery Rozov was a constant participant of our expeditions, he tried to be at all our meetings, often just visited our Club. And we appreciated that and believed that with him ...

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They were the first! Alex tested on employees of the 7 Summits Club a ritual presentation of medals FOR SUMMIT

25/10/2017 19:11

The 7 Summits Club started the development and production of medals for ascents on each of “the 7 summits”. Today there was the first presentation of the medal for climbing Kilimanjaro. And practicing the ceremony of awarding the medals. Medals are awarded in a festive atmosphere by ...

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Thank you all! The 7 Summits Club celebrated its anniversary in a circle of friends, in a great location. MANY PHOTOS

23/10/2017 16:48

October 20, Friday, the 7 Summits Club celebrated its 10th anniversary in the restaurant "Korchma Taras Bulba", at our friend Yuri Beloyvan. The evening passed very quickly and we can't believe we had so much to hear and see. Thank you friends who came to congratulate us! Thanks to those who sent ...

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Evening dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the 7 Summits Club and the summing up of the season will take place on October 20th at the restaurant "Taras Bulba". We invite all!

20/10/2017 19:30

  Birthday of the 7 Summits Club – a traditional event that without a very good reason you have not miss! But this time – it will be our first big anniversary! 10 YEAR!   We invite all friends and those who want to be our friend, October 20, on Friday. Beginning at 19-30 The ...

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Faces of friends in the photographs of Roman Reutov. Gala Evening of the 7 Summits Club, April 12

13/04/2017 22:32

Everest summiter of 2016, a professional photographer and an athlete actively practicing  in our Mountain School -  it is Roman Reutov. Thanks to him for the wonderful photos that fully reflect the friendly character of the evening of the 7 Summits Club  and happiness, which is to ...

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MAIN EVENT OF SPRING Gala Evening of the 7 Summit Club, dedicated to the departure of the group on Everest ...

10/04/2017 23:45

On April 12, on Wednesday, the 7 Summit Club conducts its traditional evening dedicated to the departure of our team for Everest.   First time in a new place and in a new format!     We are waiting for you at the Trade Center Tsvetnoy - on the 6th floor ... The presentation starts at ...

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Festival "Seven Summits", summer 2017, Elbrus, Russia. Press release

20/02/2017 13:34

Dear friends!   The 7 Summits Club announces for the summer of 2017 a new festival dedicated to the program of climbing the highest peaks of all continents - "Seven Summits".    Dates of the festival: June 24th to July 2th, 2017 Location – Polyana (Glade) Azau in Terskol ...

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IMPORTANT!!! The new address of the 7 Summits Club Maly Karetny Pereulok, 10

06/12/2016 17:56

Friends, on Wednesday, December 7, our office is closed.  We're moving into a new office. On Thursday, December 8, 2016 and later, the office of  the 7 Summits Club will operate at  Maly Karetny Pereulok, 10          

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Attention!!! The 7 Summit Club are moving closer to the center of Moscow

05/12/2016 15:57

 Due to the expansion and opening of the new perspective directions, the office of the 7 Summits Club changes dislocation and moves closer to the center.   New address: Maly Karetny, 10     We hope to finish our moving till December 7th.   In this regard, small delays with ...

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FIRST ASCENT AWARD from Masha Gordon

27/11/2016 22:53

 In September 2016 GRIT&ROCK announced a launch of an annual international FIRST ASCENT EXPEDITION PRIZE to enable female first ascents. The award, the largest of its kind globally, will fund a female-led expedition team up to the amount of GBP5,000. The aims of the annually awarded prize is ...

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Photos and videos from lecture on South America. Lyudmila Korobeshko and Olga Rumyantseva

25/11/2016 19:00

November 24, the 7 Summits Club held a lecture in our office on the Grand Pereiaslavskaya street. Lyudmila Korobeshko was the keynote speaker, she spoke about his impressions of the visit to South America, told interesting facts. She gave a lot of useful information about the organization of trips ...

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Birthday of the 7 Summits Club. The evening was a success, thanks to everyone who came! Thank you all!

14/10/2016 13:14

  On 13 October there was the traditional evening dedicated to the birthday of the company 7 Summits Club. We are very pleased that every year more and more people come to congratulate us, welcome us and each other, coming to see old friends, learn new, learn, eat, drink, rest after work and ...

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