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Our people in Lhasa. Sightseeing and active acclimatization


20/04/2018 19:11

Artem Rostovtsev, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Lhasa – a city of one million at the height of 3700 m. The last 10 years, the city adds something like 50 thousand people annually. All the newcomers are Chinese. The infrastructure is ready to accommodate 1.5 times more, and they do not stop there - they are being built and improved.

 As a benefit, there is a new useful health and time of deployment. The platform in the sphere of interest was quickly found, acclimatization is only to help, several times were able to work with your hands against gravity.

Tomorrow morning we allowed ourselves to run before a long running break, but a little, 20 minutes, and not fast. Still, the height is about 3700 m.






















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