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Everest 2018

The Puja was held and serious work begins. The first group is already out in the Middle camp

27/04/2018 23:12

Alexander Abramov, head of the expedition on Everest:   Today in the Base Camp of Mount Everest there was a Puja, a ceremony of consecration of the camp. All participants got dirty by local flour tsampa and was very pleased. The first group today went to the Middle camp at 5800m for overnight. ...

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Alexander Abramov from the base camp of Everest: how was the first day and about plans

26/04/2018 23:44

Alexander Abramov, head of the expedition on Everest:  News from the Everest base camp 2018 from our luxury camp. The day was warm. Later it's snowing. Fantastic food. All in shock. Elena led a Yoga class this morning. Tomorrow a group of Kotlyar and Kovalev goes to the camp ABC. The next day ...

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Snow in the base camp! The second group has arrived and Alexander Abramov has carried out a live broadcast on Facebook

25/04/2018 12:22

The second group arrived in the base camp in full. At the same time Alexander Abramov conducted a direct report on his Facebook page…     Weather was cloudy, at night it snowed, which successfully melted during the day. Now the entire expedition is in the base camp. It has 24 ...

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The expedition Everest 2018 continued movement in Tibet. Acclimatization in Shegar

24/04/2018 06:05

Two groups of our expedition to Everest under the leadership of Alexander Abramov met in the Tibetan city of Shegar. Today there will be another acclimatization exit. And our base camp is waiting!  All members are under strict medical supervision. So far, no deviations from the plan, all ...

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The second group has reached yesterday Lhasa

21/04/2018 06:41

Dmitry Ermakov, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: Expedition Everest 2018. Day 5. Yet the most memorable day of the expedition. But first things first. In the morning we woke up, ate, were going to go the airport. But Alex Abramov said that at the airport there was an  accident, the plane either ...

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Our people in Lhasa. Sightseeing and active acclimatization

20/04/2018 19:11

Artem Rostovtsev, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Lhasa – a city of one million at the height of 3700 m. The last 10 years, the city adds something like 50 thousand people annually. All the newcomers are Chinese. The infrastructure is ready to accommodate 1.5 times more, and they do not stop ...

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The second group is not yet able to fly to Lhasa: there are problems at Kathmandu airport

20/04/2018 09:45

Alexander Abramov, head of the expedition on Everest:   Delay of departure to Lhasa for an indefinite period of time... Tonight in Kathmandu, the plane landed badly, broke the chassis. And now the airport is closed. A crowd of passengers. All flights delayed or cancelled. But we don't ...

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The first part of the expedition arrived in Lhasa

19/04/2018 17:19

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: the vanguard of the expedition of the 7 Summits Club on Everest has arrived in the capital of Tibet, Lhasa. The height is already being felt, 3600 m))).  We settled in a very chic hotel! Thanks the captain!           ...

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Team Everest 2018 arrives in Kathmandu

17/04/2018 06:59

  All new members arrive in Nepal to join our team. Today the remaining three guides arrived: Dmitry Ermakov, Andrey Mariev and Maxim Shakirov.                    

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Photos from Nepal and Tibet: preparation of the expedition on Everest continues

15/04/2018 20:19

The construction of the base camp continues. Now Sherpas equip public tents, among which as a  novelty will be a bar. Meanwhile, the members begin to gather in Kathmandu. As well as guides…                             ...

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Photo and video from Everest expedition

12/04/2018 19:13

Alex Abramov from Nepal: Equipment sets. Lhakpa Sherpa - 8 times on Everest goes with us. View to BC from the moraine...                    

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Photos and videos of the construction of the base camp on Everest

10/04/2018 05:43

All the Sherpas of the 7 Summits Club came in the base camp of Mount Everest 2018. We see a lot of cargo and trucks. Here we could also see the manager of the base camp and the future bartender Lena Abramova. Construction of the camp for the expedition  Everest 2018 of the 7 Summits Club ...

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Our Sherpas were the first to arrive at the base camp on Everest

06/04/2018 21:31

Today the team of Sherpas of the 7 Summits Club came to Everest Base camp. We were the first this season.  Now the team will have a big job to make the best ever base camp.  Our expedition will be the largest and the camps - the most comfortable.          

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Our Sherpas are dressed in new super combinezons. Nice photos from Kathmandu

02/04/2018 21:40

A whole army of our Sherpas, local guides, high-altitude porter, cooks and their assistants received new sets of clothes made by Red Fox. It is a proper form for working in severe high altitude conditions. Judging by their faces, the new things suited to taste. Beautiful clothes oblige to good ...

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Photos of the preparation of the expedition on Everest from Nepal

28/03/2018 22:56

Preparation for Everest is in full swing. See for yourself, evaluate the scale of the expedition and the amount of preparatory work ...                  Alexander Abramov on the channel Russia1. Interesting conversation turned out  Alexander Abramov ...

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Why Everest to have comfort or we make reaching the top more guaranteed!

27/03/2018 06:50

The experience of our 14 expeditions to Everest suggests the following: conditions of rest during acclimatization are essential for success. The climber should restore his strength as much as possible, should not get sick, should keep his high moral spirit and desire to go to the end. To do this, ...

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Photos by Alexander Abramov about the preparation of the expedition on Everest

24/03/2018 19:29

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club, the leader of the expedition on Everest: 2 days ago I arrived in Nepal to check the readiness of our expedition "Everest 2018". This year we do a Luxury camp: tents with beds, heaters etc… Also our favorite chef from Antarctica Patricio ...

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On Everest to eat as in the best restaurant! New facts about our "Everest luxury camp"....

20/03/2018 06:25

Dо you want to know what other surprises have prepared tireless Alex Abramov for the upcoming expedition to Everest this spring? See below for sensational news! Soon we are going to farewell an expedition of 7 Summits Club on Everest. We wish them good luck, that is, weather and health. And good ...

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What's new about our Everest expedition that starts in April? Photos and videos

12/03/2018 23:38

  Less than a month remains before the departure on Everest of the team of  the 7 Summits Club under the leadership of Alexander Abramov. It will be our 15th expedition, and it will be the largest in terms of quantity, almost 40 people.  But equally important are changes in quality of ...

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